Kromski Christmas Scarf

Short on time this Christmas? This scarf weaves up quickly on the Kromski Harp Forte, using super bulky weight yarn in traditional Holiday colors. Finished size: 60” x 7” with 4” fringe You will need Super Bulky yarn (5 wpi): 55 yards of Green 75 yards of Red 65 yards of White Kromski Harp Forte rigid heddle loom at least 8” …

Jumbo Flyer for Kromski Fantasia

If you are looking for a solution to be able to spin and ply thicker yarns on your Fantasia or for a larger bobbin capacity, the Fantasia Jumbo Flyer Kit is the answer for you! This kit comes with a Jumbo Flyer & Jumbo Bobbin. The Jumbo Whorl that is included in this kit allows 4 and 6 :1 ratios. …

Kromski Christmas Hat Patterns

Merry Christmas from Kromski North America! Nothing warms the heart like a home made Christmas gift. Our gift to you this holiday season is a pattern to make a gift that will warm hearts and heads alike. This winter hat will knit up so quickly, you’ll probably want to make several. Our project starts with Kromski Polish Merino Top, in …

Weaving Your 1st Scarf

“My First Woven Scarf” See part 1 – “How to Warp the Kromski Harp Forte” to get started. Supplies: Kromski Harp Forte Loom at least 8” wide 155 yards size 3 Crochet Thread or 8/2 Weaving Yarn 185 yards worsted weight (size 5) yarn. Small amount of waste yarn Scissors   For this tutorial, I will be using the 8” Kromski …

How to Warp the Kromski Harp Forte

Warping your Rigid Heddle Loom for the first time can be a daunting experience. But it doesn’t need to be. It’s actually quite easy. Let us walk you through the process, step by step. For this tutorial, we will be using an 8” Kromski Harpe Forte and stand. The warp is the yarn that runs from the front beam to the …

Making Cotton Punis

Have you ever wanted to try spinning cotton? While it is possible to spin with cotton roving, I sometimes prefer to use Punis. Today I’m going to create my own punis. I have some plain white cotton. It’s been ginned, but the fibers need to be aligned better before spinning. I also want to add a bit of color to my …

Assemble the Harp Loom

The Harp comes in a boxed kit and requires assembly. Watch the videos below on how to assemble or download the  Harp Forte PDF Instructions or use Manufacturer Instruction (pictures only)

Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

The videos below present information about weaving on a rigid heddle loom. If you are new to weaving, think you want to weave but are not sure how to proceed or what to purchase, let us help you out. We’ll explain everything you ever wanted to know about weaving on the Kromski Harp Forte, a rigid heddle loom.

Polonaise Assembly Instructions

A Close-Up Look The Polonaise comes in a boxed kit and requires assembly. Watch the video below on how to assemble your Polonaise or download an instructional PDF.

Minstrel Assembly Instructions

A Close-Up Look The Minstrel comes in a boxed kit and requires an hour of assembly. Watch the video below on how to assemble your Minstrel or download an instructional PDF or Manufacturer Instructions (Picture Only)