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Create Custom Color with Hand Carders

You don’t have to have sheep to need Wool Carders! When you purchase a set [...]

Felted Drink Cozies for Summer

  Kromski North America has introduced 2 new Felting Packs for Summer! “Summer Fun” is [...]

Felted Father’s Day Card

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to look for ideas that are sure to [...]

Weave a Pillow on the Harp Forte

    When the hot summer months roll around my thoughts turn to weaving projects [...]

Knit a Rose for Mother’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” like a rose. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, these knit [...]

Weave a Felted Tote Bag

Looking for your next weaving project? This Tote Bag will allow you to explore weaving [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Tail-Spun Green Yarn

             It’s March! Time for something green – after all, it’s almost [...]

Hem Stitch For Weaving

There are many ways to finish off the ends of your weaving projects. The Hem [...]

Valentine Key Fob

When you give your Valentine the key to your heart, give them a Hand Woven [...]

Needle Felted Christmas Fun!

Here’s a project even a very beginner Needle Felter can do! We’ve used our Kromski [...]

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