Christmas Pinwheels

For this towel project I used the 32″ Harp Forte. It could also have been done on the 24″ Harp Forte.

The Mug Rug version was done on the 8″ Harp Forte, but of course it could have been done on any of the larger looms, including the Presto Loom.

You will also need worsted weight cotton yarn in 2 contrasting colors and an 8 dent heddle.

Lets start with the towel:

Warp 80″ for 2 towels

Total ends 192 (96 loops for direct warp)

Warm 4 ends (2 loops) white for the edge. Alternately you can omit these and work with a floating selvage as was done on the green mug rugs.

The warp *8 ends red, 8 ends white* and repeat until you have 11 of each color. Finish up with 8 more red and 4 more white for the edge.

When placing the yarn into the holes of the heddle, do so in a way that you will end in a slot on the far right. Note: If you end up with the last thread running through a hole instead, don’t worry. You will simply have to reverse steps 4 and 5 below. If you watch the accompanying video, you will see that I ended in a hole.

Begin by weaving 8 picks of plain weave using the white yarn. Then continue with the following pattern.

** Through out the project the 4 white edge yarns should be woven in plain weave. To simplify the instructions they will NOT be listed in the step by step instructions.**

Use a pick up stick with the heddle in neutral on all rows except 4 and 5.

Repeat the pattern 24 times, alternating colors.

1. Over 4, Under 4 across

2. Over 3, Under1, Over 1, Under 3

3. Over 2, Under 1, Over 1, Under 1, Over 1, Under 2

4. Heddle Up

5. Heddle down

6. Under 2, Over 1, Under 1, Over 1, Under 1, Over 2

7. Under 3, Over 1, Under 1, Over 3

8. Under 4, Over 4

End with 8 rows of plain weave.

Don’t forget to add a hemstitch or a longer plain weave if you plan to sew the ends under.

Mug Rugs

Warp 65″ for 4 mug rugs

Warp 4 white for the edges (or use a floating selvage) followed by 8 color, 8 white until you have 3 of each color. End with 8 more color and 4 white.

Weave 4 rows plain weave in white before beginning the pattern repeat as above beginning with the color. Weave 3 sets with each (color and white). End with one more pattern repeat in color and 4 plain weave in white.

Now go pour yourself a nice cup of coffee or hot cocoa and admire your work!

Video here:

For a Printable PDF version of this project click here:

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