Cozy Crochet Cat Bed


I’m sure you’ve seen the latest trend of “Arm Knitting” and “Finger Crochet”. These involve the use of roving in place of spun yarn and knit or crocheted into blankets or cowls using your arms or fingers instead of traditional knitting needles.

Kromski North America offers a multitude of beautifully colored roving, so naturally, we wanted to give this a try! This tutorial will show you how to make a Crochet Pet Bed.

Our bed used 3 lbs of Polish Merino Wool, It measures 16″ across and 6.5″ tall.

Before you begin, run the wool through a lightly closed hand several times. Hold the wool in one hand and gently pull it through with the other.  This will compress the fibers and help the roving to pass though the crochet loops without breaking.

Finger crochet stitches are exactly the same as regular crochet. The only difference is that you will need to reach through the loops and grab the working yarn – in this case roving – with your middle and index fingers to pull them through.

Start by chaining 2 in the end of the roving.

Reach through the loop created by the 2nd chain.

While keeping the loop on your finger, reach through the hole from the 1st chain.

Pull the working roving through. Keep both loops on your finger and grab the working roving.

Pull it through both loops on your finger. This creates one single crochet stitch (SC). Make 5 more SC in the same hole (6 SC total).

Round 2: Using the same technique, make 2 SC in each of the SC from the 1st round, for a total of 12 SC.

Reach through the loop to make a single chain by pulling the roving through.

Continue to make 2 SC in each stitch as done in round 2, ending with a single chain, until your bed is the size desired.

Now it’s time to build the walls. Continue around with a single crochet in each instead of the double crochets. This will cause the sides to rise forming a nice basket shape for Kitty to snuggle in.

Make 3 or 4 rounds and then finish off with a slip stitch. Break the roving and gently weave the ends in, hiding them within the previous chains.

This makes a very soft and cosy bed for a cat or small dog. This project is not well suited for an overly playful pet as the roving itself is easily shredded by rambunctious claws. But if your mature cat is looking for a special place to curl up, this will certainly make him happy!



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