Eco Fantasia Spinning Wheel

Discover our new Eco Fantasia

Now available also in North America!

We are all different. We are all unique. That’s what makes us special.

The Kromski Eco Fantasia uses wood that is a bit “different” from the standard wood. The grain may be darker, the color may be deeper, but to Kromski, it is special. Each Eco Fantasia is as unique as the tree that it was fashioned from.

unique & eco-friendly

A tree that some may call “discolored”. A tree that grew along side all the other trees,  but inside – it was different.

Now you can have a beautiful spinning wheel that is unlike any other.

Eco Fantasia Unfinished

#1.1 E

Price: the same as Regular Kromski Fantasia Unfinished

Eco Fantasia Finished

#1.2 E

Price: the same as Regular Kromski Fantasia Finished


THE KROMSKI ECO FANTASIA – appreciate the difference…

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