Extra Flyers for Double Drive Wheels

jumbokitwlanutddrJumbo Flyer

Extend the capabilities of your Polonaise, Symphony or Minstrel wheel by adding a Jumbo Flyer Kit. You can quickly switch back and forth between your regular flyer and the jumbo unit. The Jumbo Flyer has a very large orifice, a .70 inch opening for heavy spinning and plying and a much larger jumbo bobbin to hold up to 50 cubic inches of yarn; Lower ratio ranges give you two speed choices without having to change a flyer. For the Polonaise and Symphony wheels the ratios are: 5 and 7.2:1; for the Minstrel the ratios are: 4 and 5.3:1

Parts may look different than image shown depending on your wheel model.

Jumbo Kit on the Polonaise – ratios of 5 and 7.2:1

Jumbo Kit on the Symphony – ratios of 5 and 7.2:1

Jumbo Kit on the Minstrel – ratios are 4 and 5.3:1 



MINSTREL NOTE: if you already own a Minstrel and want to add a Jumbo Kit, you must first determine the manner in which your front maiden post has been installed on your wheel. When ordering your Minstrel Jumbo Kit you will need to inform your dealer of the “style” of your front maiden. The old styles will look like the first two pictures on the left below; the new style will look like the third picture.








If you have one of the older two styles (the first two images) you will need to do some simple woodworking to facilitate the jumbo option. Watch our video to see how to do this. Should take about 5 minutes to do.


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