Felt Pumpkins!

Kromski North America has created a new felting kit for you!

This Needle Felted Pumpkin Kit includes everything you need to create these adorable pumpkins. We’ve included the wool, 7 felting needles, foam pad, needle protectors and more!

Nervous about trying to need felt? Don’t be! When you follow along with the full color instructions, you will be thrilled with how easy these are. With the included variety of oranges and browns, its amazing how realistic these will look when you’ve finished.

Don’t you think it’s time you planted a pumpkin patch of your very own?

Once you’re confident with needle felting, take a look at our regular Felting Packs. We have a wide variety of colors to chose from – including “Animal” which was used to make the rabbit below.

Look who’s visiting the pumpkin patch!

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