Great Jumbo Flyer and Bobbin for Kromski Minstrel

Kromski is proud to introduce the Great Jumbo Flyer, specially designed for the Minstrel Wheel.

This new Flyer and Bobbin set is available in Unfinished, Clear, Mahogany and Walnut finishes.

It has a ratio of 4:1 and 8:1 and the capacity to hold up to 24.8 ounces of fiber!

Get Printable PDF instructions for Kromski Minstrel Great Jumbo Flyer and Bobbin HERE

Kromski Minstrel Great Jumbo Flyer and Bobbin Set includes:

  • 1 Great Jumbo Flyer
  • 2 Great Jumbo Bobbins (capacity up to 24.8 ounces of fiber each!)
  • 1 Front Post with Base
  • 1 Rear Post
  • 4 Great Jumbo Hooks
  • Hemp Drive Band
  • Lazy Kate for 2 Great Jumbo Bobbins
  • Great Whorl with 4:1 and 8:1 ratios

Suggested retail prices:
Minstrel Great Flyer Set Unfinished – $279.00
Minstrel Great Flyer Set Finished Clear – $329.00
Minstrel Great Flyer Set Walnut – $349.00
Minstrel Great Flyer Set Mahogany – $349.00

Minstrel Great Bobbin Unfinished – $34.00
Minstrel Great Bobbin Finished Clear – $39.00
Minstrel Great Bobbin Walnut – $39.00
Minstrel Great Bobbin Mahogany – $39.00

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