Handspun Crochet Cowl

Our example was made using 2 different balls of handspun yarn, approximately 250 yards each. One is dyed Merino and the other a natural colored Corriedale. Both were spun on the Kromski Sonata. Held together they make a light bulky weight yarn.

Because handspun yarn is not an exact science, we will not specify the size of the crochet hook. I used a size 8mm. For your cowl, choose a hook that will give you a nice loose, but not flimsy fabric.

The finished cowl measures 9″ x 36″ after wet finishing.

Let’s start with the SET UP ROW:

Chain 34

Single chain in the 2nd chain from the hook.

*Chain 3.

Skip 3 chains and sc in the 4th chain.*

Repeat * to the end.

Chain 2 and turn.

For the rest of the cowl, repeat the following two rows until it fits nicely around your neck. It may be slightly wider, narrower, longer or shorter than our example. I suggest that you work a few rows and check the width before proceeding. Adjust as needed by adding or eliminating stitches.

ROW 1:

Chain 3.

*Work 3 dc (double crochet) in the space created by the ch 3 in the previous row.

Chain 1 *

Repeat from *through* to the end.

ROW 2:

*Chain 3

sc in the hole created by the chain one in then previous row.*

Repeat from *through* to the end.

Chain 1 and turn.

Finish with a ROW 2 and weave in the ends.

Add buttons as shown in the photo. There are no actual button holes, so you’ll want to test the buttons to be sure that they are a good size. They should fit comfortably through the open fabric, and still be snug enough to hold it in place.

If you’d like to see a video of the stitches, visit https://www.youtube.com/@KromskiNorthAmerica

Pattern pdf click below:

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