Kromski Christmas Scarf

Short on time this Christmas?

This scarf weaves up quickly on the Kromski Harp Forte, using super bulky weight yarn in traditional Holiday colors.

Xmas scarf

Finished size: 60” x 7” with 4” fringe

You will need Super Bulky yarn (5 wpi):

55 yards of Green

75 yards of Red

65 yards of White

Kromski Harp Forte rigid heddle loom at least 8” wide w/ a

5 dent heddle

One afternoon

To begin:

Warp the loom 7′ long as follows:


This simply means warp 4 Red, followed by 2 Green, then 4 White etc.

Weave the scarf as follows:

12 Red ( add a hem stitch to the beginning be for proceeding)

6 Green

16 White

6 Green

6 Red

12 White

6 Green

24 Red

10 White

This brings you to the center point of the scarf. Repeat the above pics in reverse, beginning with 10 white and ending with 12 Red.

Finish with a hem stitch. Here is a tutorial to help you.

Remove the scarf from the loom and trim the fringe to a 4” length.

Finish according to the yarn recommendations.


Merry Christmas from Kromski North America!

PDF Version – Kromski Christmas Scarf

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