Kromski Warping Sticks

A simple weaving tool, but one that is sure to give your weaving the key to a perfectly tensioned warp. It is easy to use, as you wind your warp on the rear beam use our warp sticks to create a strong foundation that will support your warp from side to side and from one end to the other. Throw away your heavy paper or cardboard and do it right.



Always tension your warp very tight as you wind on. This can only be done correctly with a two person team. Slip in a couple of warp sticks every 2-3 rotations, alternating the position so that the next layer does not sit directly on the previous layer.

A dozen stick will handle 2-3 yard warps, and consider two dozen for longer warps. You can never use too many, and you surely do not want to skimp. They have a width and thickness just right for the Harp.

Sold by the dozen.

16″ looms – $18.00

24″ looms – $21.00

32″ looms – $24.00

Don’t have a Kromski loom? The Kromski warp sticks work great on any rigid heddle loom or small table loom.

Take a look at the video below; the second part (at the 5:45 minute mark) shows warp sticks (also referred to as beam sticks) in action.

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