March Mug Rug

This month we celebrate St. Patricks Day. Our Mug Rug is designed to (loosely) represent a field of green with scattered coins from the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold!

For this pattern you will need 2 colors of yarn. One color will be predominant and the other is more of a background color. I’ve chosen green for the predominant  ‘field’ and yellow as my background ‘gold coins’.

One ball of worsted weight cotton will be enough for the main color and about 50 yards of the secondary color is all you will need to make 4 mug rugs.

This mug Rug was woven on the Harp Forte. To see all of our looms and accessories click here.

You will need your pick up stick for this pattern.

Warp the loom to a length of 1.5 yards.

Warp 2 ends (one loop direct warp) of green. 

Next warp 2 ends of yellow (one loop direct warp).

Repeat this 24 more times until you have 50 ends total. 

Note: On Step #2 of the weaving draft you will be passing over 3 strands on the left edge of the weaving. If you feel that this will bother you, then add one more length of green to the left side of the warp. That will give you 51 ends in total.

Yarn traveling over the 3 warp threads.

Then on step #2 rather than going over the end thread, you will need instead to go under the new strand (as was done on the right side in Step #1). This will allow the weft to be woven in more fully at the edge. However, this will now cause the Mug Rug to have a wider stripe of green on the left than there is on the right.

I found that once the fabric was wet finished (washed) the difference was not objectionable to me (the photo seems to accentuate it), so I did not add the extra warp end. I thought the thicker stipe would be more noticeable.

Wind the warp to the back beam and slay the heddle so that you have a green in one slot and in one hole followed by the yellow in one slot and one hole across. 

Tie onto the front beam and weave an inch or so with some waste yarn.

Fill a shuttle with the green only. 

Begin buy weaving 4 rows of plain weave, ending with the shuttle to the right side of the loom. 

Don’t forget to leave a tail for the hem stitch.

The next row will require the pick up stick. 

This is inserted in the following way:

Put the heddle in the down position. 

Behind the heddle, pick up every other thread from the slots. It can sometimes help to hold a piece of paper in the shed behind the heddle for visibility.

For this pattern, you will pick up just the green threads from the top row.

You should have 13 green threads on top of the pick up stick. 

The weaving sequence will be as follows: (assuming the yarn is coming from the right side)

1.) Heddle in Neutral, Pick Up forward and on edge. *Pass the shuttle under the last warp thread to catch it before continuing through the shed.

2.) Heddle in Neutral, Pick Up forward and on edge. *Pass the shuttle over the 1st warp thread to catch it before continuing through the shed. (If you have added the extra warp, pass under instead.)

3.) Heddle Up. Pick Up Stick pushed back to the rear beam.

4.) Heddle Down. Pick Up Stick pushed back to the rear beam.

Pick Up forward and on edge.
The end warp thread must be caught.
Shuttle going under the end warp thread.
Shuttle going over the first warp thread.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 a total of 15 times.                                            

Finish with steps 3 and 4 once again. 

Cut the yarn, leaving enough for the hem stitch and repeat for the remaining Mug Rugs.

Bonus! These Mug Rugs are reversible!

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