Mug Rug Weave Along

Do you have a Kromski loom but aren’t sure what how to make the most of it?

We have come up with a fun and free Monthly Mug Rug Weave Along!

These Mug Rugs can be woven on any size Harp Forte or Presto loom!

Each month we will explore a new technique for you to try. Even if the technique is something you have already mastered, I hope you’ll still join in the fun!

These will be fairly simple, beginner friendly, mug rugs that are fun and functional.

Please download the attached file and refer to it as we go along. It has some important information that will apply to all of the patterns.

The 1st pattern will be posted on New Years Day and will remain available to all on the Kromski Blog indefinitely.

Join the Kromski Fun Facebook Group for reminders and inspiration!

January Mug Rug
February Mug Rug

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