October Mug Rug

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Halloween Honeycomb Pumpkin Patch

This pattern uses pick up sticks to create the illusion of a starry October sky over a pumpkin patch! This is a fun weave structure that has many uses. At the end of these instructions are some examples of how this looks when using other colors and the “pumpkin” pattern throughout.

You will need:

Rigid Heddle Loom (I’ve used the 8” Harp Forte)

8 dent heddle

Worsted weight cotton dish yarn:





2 stick shuttles

1 or 2 pick up sticks 

Warp the loom with 51 ends of black yarn, 1.5 yards long. 

Be certain the end threads are through slots – not holes.

Beginning with the heddle in the Up position, weave 8 picks with the green yarn. Cut the yarn.

Wrap the yarn around the last warp thread and weave the tail into the same shed.

Insert one pick up stick as follows, with heddle in the down position: 

Over 3

*Under 4, Over 4* repeat twice

Under 4

Over 3

Because we are using black, it may be helpful to slide a piece of paper between the shed to help with visibility when inserting the pick up stick.

With  orange yarn, weave as follows:

Heddle up – pick up forward

Heddle down – pick up back

Repeat the above 4 times total.

Remove the pick up stick. 

Do not cut the orange yarn.

Weave 2 rows plain weave with green – bring both ends down between the same warp threads when weaving them in. Don’t forget to wrap the orange yarn along the edge.

You may find it easier, as I have done here on the blue and white example, to cut the yarn long enough to make 2 rows plus the tails and place it into the shed so that both ends stick out evenly. Then wrap both end warp threads and bring the ends back into the center of the same shed and down by hand.

Insert pick up stick again as follows, 

with heddle in the down position:

Over 1 

Under 2

*Over 4, Under 4* repeat twice

Over 4

 Under 2

Over 1

With Orange:

1) Heddle Up – Pick Up slides forward

2) Heddle Down – Slide Pick Up back

repeat a total of 4 times (8 picks)

Cut the yarn and weave back into the same shed. 

Remove the Pick Up.  

Next make 2 more rows of “grass” as previously done between the pumpkins.

Change to Black – Weave 9 rows of plain weave. 

Do not cut the yarn throughout the remainder of the Mug Rug as we make the stars.

Insert pick up stick as follows, with heddle in the down position:

Under 2 

Over 1

*Under 4, Over 1* repeat 4 times

Under 3

Weave with White – Heddle Up and Pick Up forward for one pass. Let the tail hang behind the weaving. We will secure it later. 

When weaving the stars, the shuttle will not reach the edge of the weaving. 

Do not try to tie in the tail at this time. Do not cut the Yarn.

Push the Pick Up Stick to the rear.

Change the shed and weave 4 passes of plain weave in Black.

Insert the second pick up stick in front of the first one as follows, with heddle in the down position: If you only have one pick up, simply remove the previous and reinsert it.

Under 5, Over 1

Under 4, Over 1

Under 4, Over 1

Under 4, Over 1

Under 5

Heddle Up, second stick forward. Weave one pass with White. 

Do not pull tightly on the yarn. Doing so may distort the fabric. 

Remove this pick up (leaving the other in place at the back of the loom). 

Weave 4 picks plain weave in Black.

Pull Pick up Stick #1 forward and with Heddle Up weave again with the white. 

Cut the yarn, leaving a  6” tail.

Remove the pick up.

Weave 4 picks of Black. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail to be used to hem stitch.

Leave the white tails alone until the warp is off the loom. At that time, before wet finishing, weave them in along the float on the back. You may even wish to secure it with a small amount of black sewing thread.

Don’t like pumpkins?  

Try these instead!

Black and Blue 

(Aqua and Pink) samples:

6 rows black (aqua) plain

2 rows blue (aqua)

1st pick up pattern white (pink)

2 rows blue (aqua)

2nd pick up pattern white (pink)

Repeat 1st and 2nd pick up again, 

plus one more set of pick up 1

2 rows of blue (aqua)

Finish with 6 rows of black (aqua).


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