• Presto Bag

    Now you can carry your Presto Loom when it is folded in a convenient bag. It’s clear design, additional pockets and small size make it a great travel must have for every Presto owner!

  • Presto Double Block Set (277.1)

    For those who venture into weaving with two heddles, Kromski offers a choice of heddle blocks.

    Leave the original block in place and add a Second Heddle Block Set for an occasional double heddle project. Or choose the Double Heddle Blocks to replace the single set with a block that will always be ready to accept the second heddle. Either way, your sure to have twice the fun with double weaving!

    See our tutorial here http://kromskina.com/double-heddle-poncho/

  • Presto Heddle

    Available in 5, 8, 10 & 12 dpi. Dpi stands for “dents per inch” and is indicative of how many warp threads can be placed per inch on the width of your project.

  • Presto Metal Weaving Hook (278)

  • Presto Pick Up Sticks

    After mastering basic weave, use this handy implement to create patterns and designs within your woven cloth.

  • Presto Stand

    With a stand you don’t need to use a table edge anymore to hold the loom. Modern design, makes with your Presto a great composition. The stand is made of wood, very easy to assembly and fold.

  • Presto Stick Shuttle

    Stick Shuttles are perhaps the most historically acurate method used for passing weft between shed exchanges on weaving projects.

  • Presto Weaver’s Choice Heddle

    The Kromski Weaver’s Choice variable dent heddle makes it possible for the weaver to decide exactly what size heddle to use on a thread by thread basis.

    We are no longer confined to using a single sized thread for the warp. Nor are we confined to one size on a given section. Each heddle is an individual piece, thus allowing the weaver to use an endless combination of thread sizes.

    Included in the Weaver’s Choice package are:

    • 4 wooden pieces – per size: Two of them are flat on one side with the Kromski logo stamp. The other side has a “shelf”.  The other two are flat on one side with no logo and curved on the other side.
    • 2 Metal Brackets – per size.
    • Brass Knobs, Washers and Screws (6 each for the 8” and 16”, 8 each for the 24” and 32”)
    • Each heddle comes with an assortment of individual heddle pieces 12, 10, 8 and 5 dent.
    • The 8” includes 20 of each.
      The 16” includes 40 of each.
      The 24” includes 60 of each.
    • The 32” includes 80 of each
    • Extra Heddle Packs are available which include 20 each of the assorted sizes.

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  • Texolve Apron Strings for Presto Loom

    Texolve Apron Strings can be used instead of standard Kromski rod strings.