September Mug Rug

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This month’s mug rug is a version of Waffle Weave (and who doesn’t like waffles on a September morning??)

You will need:

Worsted weight cotton yarn.

Rigid Heddle loom such as the Kromski Harp Forte or Presto 

8 Dent Heddle

One Pick-up Stick

2 Shuttles

The pattern sample was done using a light (orange) and a dark (brown). At the end of this post you can see the photos of how these colors look when finished.

You will also find other examples of how a simple weft color change can creae a whole new look. My suggestion? If you are not familiar with the technique, use a similar color scheme (light and dark) until you understand the pattern concept and then play around with multiple colors or even use all one color. Have Fun!

This pattern uses the direct warping method.

Warp: Place both colors behind the loom as normally done.

#1) Pull 1 loop of light though the heddle beginning in the 4th slot of the 8” harp

#2) Pull through the 2nd loop – cut the end at the peg, leaving enough to tie. Using the scissors to weigh it down helps to keep it from falling away from the peg.

#3) Pull out the loose end and tie it to the rear dowel so that it is ready for the next loop of light.

#4) Bring the end (not a loop) of the dark yarn through the same slot as the single strand of light color that was cut at the peg. Tie this end to the cut end of the light yarn at the peg. You have now created a two colored loop. If you prefer you can tie the ends directly to the peg rather than to each other.

#5) Let the dark yarn rest across the rear dowel. Pick up the light yarn that was tied to the dowel in step #3 (keep it tied on) and pull a loop through the next slot and over the peg as you would normally. 

#6) Again pull a loop of light through the following slot and cut it at the peg. 

      Pull out the loose end and tie it to the dowel as before.

 #7) Pick up the dark yarn, bring it around the dowel (it does not matter that it will cross the light) and pull a loop through the same slot as the single light. There will temporarily be 3 strands of yarn going through this slot. Cut the dark at the peg and tie it to the end of the light yarn (or the peg). 

#8) Pull the loose dark yarn back through the heddle so that there are 2 remaining strands in the slot – one dark and one light. Do not tie the end of the dark to the dowel.

Repeat 5 more times.

Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Tie the cut end of the light to the peg.

There should be 51 ends.

Wind the warp onto the back beam.

Place the threads in the holes so that only the light is in a hole and the dark remains in the slots. There should be 3 light, then one dark across, ending with 3 light.


Prepare the warp as usual with some waste yarn. 

Wrap 2 shuttles, one light and one dark.

Lower the heddle and insert the pick up stick under the dark threads. If you are using all one color, go over one, under one across. 

This pattern will require you to wrap the edge yarns along the side, so pay careful attention to this as you progress. 

The working yarn goes OVER the resting yarn on the right side.
The working yarn goes UNDER the resting yarn on the left side.

Begin on the right with plain weave using light as instructed below:

Light: Up / Pick-up back. Don’t forget to leave enough for the hem stitch.

Light: Down / Pick-up back

Light: Up / Pick-up back

Now begin the pattern sequence:

1) Dark:  Neutral / Pick-up Forward on edge. 

2) Dark: Up / Pick-up Forward, laying flat

3) Light: Up / Pick-up Back 

   *Wrap the yarn around the 1st warp thread each time you do this step.

Step 3 – Wrapping the 1st thread
Step 3 – I’ve used paper for a clearer image.

4) Light: Down / Pick-up Back

5) Light: Up/ Forward 

6) Light: Down / Back 

7) Light: Up / Pick-up Back

Repeat these steps a total of 7 times.

To finish:

Dark:  Neutral / Pick-up Forward on edge.

Dark: Up / Pick-up Forward, laying flat

         Cut the dark and weave in the end.

Light: Up / Pick-up back. You will need to wrap the end thread on this pass.

Light: Down / Pick-up back

Light: Up / Pick-up back

 Cut the yarn, leaving enough for the hem.

 Wet finish your Mug Rugs as described in the Welcome Sheet. 

This pattern is so versatile. It would make wonderful placemats,  dish or bath towels!  

Below are some examples of how the pattern looks with simple changes in the color choices. The photos below also show how different the front looks from the back of the weaving.

Front – Pattern Sample. Light and dark are the same as what was used in the pattern directions.
Back of Pattern Sample
Front – Switch light for dark and dark for light in the weft.
Back – this mug rug was used in the cover photo.
Replace light weft with aqua and dark with teal.
Back – Light is aqua and dark is teal
Front – replace light weft with yellow and keep the dark brown.
Back – light is yellow and dark is brown.

Have fun with this one! I think it’s sure to be a new favorite!

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