Woven Valentine Heart

A handmade gift says “I love you” in all the right ways.

You can make this sweet woven heart for your Valentine by following the instructions below.

It may look confusing at first (love always does right?), but it’s really quite simple using the provided template.

To make this heart even more special, the yarn used was hand spun! We used a Kromski Valentine Wool Variety Pack. This pack included one ounce each of White Milled Rice, Fuchsia, Bright Pink and Medium Red. The Medium Red is featured in the instructional photos and video.

The yarn was spun to a worsted/Aaron weight on the stylish Black Fantasia spinning wheel and we got more than enough yarn to make several hearts of each color.

This can be done on fabric or plastic canvas. The fabric will need a 6″-7″ embroidery hoop. Hoop 2 pieces of fabric together for stability.

If using fabric: Print out the template on card stock. Use an awl to poke holes in the template and then transfer the image to the fabric using a pencil. Then hoop the fabrics together and poke holes in the fabric. This will make it much easier to pull the yarn through.

If you chose to do the plastic canvas, you can skip the above steps and simply count the squares as you follow along with the diagram. he finished heart will be smaller than the template due to the hole size on the canvas.

For the printable step by step instructions and template, download the PDFs below.

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