Maintenance Kit for Spinning Wheels

A very practical kit for keeping spinning wheels in good shape and prolonging their life.

Kit contents will vary by option. All kit come in a clear plastic zipper storage bag

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  • Our maintenance kit for reparations consist of:
    Cleaning Rag
  • Wax for lubricating all wood to wood parts
  •  Allen Wrench to tighten hex screws
  • Stain Stain*- (For Walnut and Mahogany wheels only)
  • Oil Bottle for lubricating metal parts
  • Screwdriver for tightening metal parts
  • Brake Band and Spring
  • Extra Drive Band (Will work for emergency on all wheel types. Trip excess after

The Fantasia wheel kit includes an additional small allen wrench and small black screw for the Fantasia whorls.

For all Kromski spinning wheels (except Fantasia and Magnetic Head Sonata) are intended sets ‘Regular’.

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#83.1 Regular Unfinished/Finished, #83.4 Regular Mahogany, #83.3 Regular Walnut, #82.1 Fantasia Unfinished/Finished, #82.3 Fantasia Walnut

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